3 Car Technologies That Are Changing The Automobile Industry

June 25, 2024

Recently an instagram reel went viral as it captured the reactions of two elderly gentlemen in their mid-eighties, riding a driverless Uber. Their expressions and astonishment were noteworthy. Through the short clip, the elderly men commented on how well the machine maneuvered complicated turnings. One of them, in his disbelief, was still trying to feel an invisible person in the driver’s seat, sending hilarious reactions from the onlookers. And this phenomenon, my friend, is not even the future. It is pretty much the present time we are living in. The judgment of a driverless car in sync with the rest of the vehicles, collision avoidance, and obstruction detection is something we have been witnessing for a few years now. Be it a Perodua Bezza Sedan Model, a multi-utility vehicle, or a smaller hatchback, new-age cars are improved versions that go beyond ferrying us from one destination to the other. 

New-age cars have improved safety features that help drivers stay clear of avoidable accidents. If your parking skills have always tested your nerves in malls and crowded places, you don’t have to avoid driving your car. You can now rely on the back camera to align perfectly in the spot. The tech transformation in the automobile industry offers comfort, safety, and sustainable car models that are more environmentally friendly. Now driving a car is about a personalized experience enhanced with connectivity with surroundings. We will explore some of the tech advancements in the automobile industry:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control

By using sensors, a safe distance is maintained between the car and the vehicle in front, creating stress-free driving in traffic and highways. The speed is adjusted to comply with both the lane’s speed limit requirements and the car in front. If for any reason the front driver slows down, the vehicle will automatically adjust its speed and mobility. The speed of the car matches the flow of traffic and reduces the burden of applying brakes multiple times on the driver. 

  • Electric Vehicles

EVs or electric vehicles are taking the automobile industry by storm as the new age solution for a sustainable fuel-less and battery-aided engine that thrusts the car. It is an answer to the pressing need for crude oil and the limited resources of oil deposits. The extraction of oil can now be used in other fields like lighting up remote places instead of driving cars. 

  • Obstruction Monitoring

Sensors will detect any obstruction that can jeopardize a safe ride for the car. Some cars even have blind spot monitoring that detects cars or obstructions in blind spots during sharp turns that are usually not seen in the mirror. When an object or another vehicle is detected, an alarm is signaled to warn the driver of the possible danger. With this technology now you can know even what you cannot see. 


We are at the beginning of a new era in the technology space of automobile innovations. It’s going to get more futuristic and interesting from here. So, you can fasten your seatbelts to witness the lightning speed of these changes.