My Startup Features

February 10, 2024

My Startup: Smartlands

Smartlands was started in 2017 by a small team of entrepreneurs with a background in banking, finance and technology. Back then, cryptocurrencies and ICOs were top headliners in the news; everyone was

My Startup: Axate

We all know the traditional models for online publishing have serious financial faults.

My Startup: Hazy

Hazy generates smart synthetic data that’s safe to use, allowing companies to innovate with data without using anything sensitive or real-life. It originally span
September 10, 2019

My Startup: OakNorth

OakNorth prides itself on being Europe’s fastest-growing and most valuable FinTech. Worldwide, it works to match entrepreneurs and founders with customised loan solutions. Its
March 19, 2019

My Startup: Synthace

For My Startup this week, we’re looking at Synthace, who believe their software platform, Antha, gives biologists sophisticated, flexible and integrated control over lab hardware. Antha,
February 4, 2019