Apple buys London digital marketing startup DataTiger

February 15, 2019

US consumer products giant, Apple has reportedly bought London digital marketing startup, DataTiger, as part of a move to boost the iPhone maker’s digital marketing and make it more relevant to customers, Bloomberg reported.

The Hackney, London-based startup says its technology is designed to “optimise the marketing journeys” of customers by using data to more accurately send materials to consumers as well as push notifications. 

The company’s website www.datatiger.com has gone static for now with just the corporate logo and an email contact address on it.

On the firm’s LinkedIn page it is listed as having between two and ten staff.

An explanation of the business reads: “DataTiger is a set of tools that enables you to build marketing software that puts your data to work. Using DataTiger is the fastest and easiest way to increase retention & monetisation. With our platform you can individually optimize the marketing flows for your customers in real-time across all channels.”

“DataTiger can be used as an online tool, importing your data and set up user flows in minutes, with all of your data living in the cloud – or it can be fully customized in-house, building your own marketing solution via our APIs + open-source front-end components.”

Philip Mohr is still listed on LinkedIn as Data Tiger’s CEO.