Arsenal Fan TV ranked UK’s highest-earning fan sports channel on YouTube

January 3, 2020

Arsenal Fan TV is the second-highest earning YouTube sports fan channel in the world, according to research from liverugbyrickets.co.uk.

Compared to the average wage of £200,000 a month for Premier League footballers, the research predicts that Arsenal Fan TV (AFTV), which has 1.1 million subscribers, earns $357,039 a month. 

The notorious documentation of Arsenal fans’ impressions proves that football fans can earn themselves as much, if not more, than the average footballer.

Using Sellfy.com’s YouTube Money Calculator, liverugbytickets compared the predicted earnings of the top 20 YouTube fan sports channels and AFTV came second only to Highlight Heaven. 

The results position AFTV as the top British fan sports channel on Youtube, followed by True Geordie (6th globally), Boxing Legends TV (11th globally), BeanymanSports (12th globally), FullTimeDEVILS (15th globally), and The Redmen TV (16th globally). 

See the full results from liverugbytickets.co.uk’s research below.

ChannelSportSubscribersMonthly earnings ($)
Highlight HeavenMixed711,000425,944
Arsenal Fan TV (AFTV) Football1.1M357,038.50
Savage Brick SportsMixed418,000323,071.50
MLG Highlights Basketball192,000232,380
The FumbleMixed1.5M225,465
True GeordieFootball1.8M221,121
Joseph VincentMixed630,00079,717
Boxing Legends TVBoxing1.4M53,471
The Highlight FactoryMixed379,00037,775.50
The Hockey GuyHockey128,00035,686.50
The Redmen TVFootball397,00026,2222
Cricket ClassicsCricket198,00020,310.50
Stark Raving SportsMixed32,20012,309
Top All SportsBaseball26,4009,038.50