ASA says no further action on GoCompare TV ad

September 30, 2019

The Advertising Standards Authority has said that it will not take any further action over a GoCompare ad that has attracted hundreds of complaints.

The spot, created by Droga5, sees brand character Gio Compario extricating himself from a car accident. It has so far led to 215 complaints to the watchdog.

As Campaign report, the ASA said the ad is “unlikely to cause distress or serious or widespread offence to viewers”, despite complainants saying that it was insensitive to survivors of car crashes, or victims and their families.

In a statement the ASA said:  “We considered that the aim of the ad was to highlight that unexpected events may happen and that the character Gio Compario was a long-standing character that would be recognised by most viewers.

“We also noted that the driver of the car remained unharmed and was able to continue with his recognisable singing.

“Therefore, while we acknowledged the complainants’ concerns and sympathised with those who had personal experiences of car crashes, we concluded that the ad was unlikely to cause distress or serious or widespread offence to viewers.”