Audacia builds bespoke system for Gymfinity Kids

November 6, 2019

Audacia, the Leeds and London based software development company, has successfully delivered a new bespoke gym management software solution for Gymfinity Kids. 

Gymfinity Kids is the UK’s first Gymnastics & Ninja club for children ages 1-16.

The new platform provides seamless end-to-end management of complex business functions, providing greater visibility of key data, including membership bookings, events and classes. 

The platform has also delivered greater reporting functionality for financial data, as well as operational factors such as membership statistics and capacity tracking across UK sites.

A new parent portal enables customers to manage subscriptions, payment methods and event bookings, supporting the management of memberships with multiple children, age minimums, medical notes and limits for classes and events, including additional security around the use of member photographs and data.

Fully functional system

Providing users with a fully functional booking and payment system has significantly improved the user experience for the thousands of Gymfinity Kids’ members, with the creation of a business management platform now assisting Gymfinity Kids’ next phase of growth.

Adopting an agile development method, Audacia created the new system using an iterative approach, enabling functionality to be adapted in line with user-feedback throughout the development process, ensuring the end product was intuitive and fit-for-purpose.

“This is a business-critical system which has been developed to give Gymfinity Kids complete control over its operations, with the necessary scalability to enable them to grow”, said Project Manager at Audacia, Beth King. 

“The new system balances the need to give the business full, real-time, visibility of its operations, all the way down to how many places are available for a specific class, whilst providing its customers with an improved user experience that enables them to complete all bookings and transactions in one place.

“By building a bespoke platform, Audacia has been able to create a system that meets Gymfinity Kids’ immediate requirements, with the ability to scale and adapt in line with future growth plans.”

Gymfinity Kids Managing Director, Jacques De Bruin, said: “As a unique business with unique challenges, Audacia worked with our teams effectively to deliver a bespoke technology system to suit our various business needs. 

“The new software ensures we have a strong back-end system to support our ongoing growth for the future.

“At Gymfinity Kids families are at the centre of everything we do, so our new parent portal provides our valued members with the flexibility of managing their account, payments and bookings online with ease.”