Business in Focus: Filthy Buns

February 26, 2024

Pop-up restaurants have been around for quite a while now; London has a wide range of options, with new pop-up eateries appearing every day at food markets, pubs or local events. These dining experiences were known for their short-lived appearances and bringing novelty to the traditional restaurant scene. Now, though, some pop-ups have become more permanent fixtures. Prolife London will focus on one of these more regular mainstays, Filthy Buns. 

What’s On Offer

The Three Compasses Pub in Dalston is where Filthy Buns is their renowned in-house burger bar. When it comes to Burgers, Filty Buns thinks outside the box. A prime example of this is the creation of the Millionaire Short-Rib Burger. This gastronomic social experiment of a burger (We\ mean this in the best possible way; it’s fantastic) features a composition of a beef patty, braised short rib, Swiss cheese, and a distinctive touch of Biscoff peanut butter. It may not seem strange on paper to some people (I couldn’t wait to give it a go), but once you take your first bite, you will fully understand why and what Filthy Buns has created. The saltiness mixed with the sweetness is the perfect combination of flavours. It’s a decadent experience that attacks the pallet in all the right ways.

If the more adventurous offerings aren’t what your taste buds crave, do not worry. They have more traditional burgers on the Menu as well. One of their most popular options is The Cheesy House, featuring a beef patty, double cheese (red and Swiss), smokey gravy mayo, beef ketchup, and sweet pickles. This well-balanced burger showcases how Filthy Buns can cater to a wide range of people with different wants and needs regarding food.

They do an incredible chicken burger as well. The Clucking Katsu, another crowd favourite, boasts crispy chicken, katsu curry sauce, sweet and sour slaw, smokey miso mayo, and sour chillies. Any chicken burger with an Asian twist will go down well with Prolific London (me especially).

Filthy Buns also cater To plant-based enthusiasts, offering something for everyone. The Chickish Gam Biscoff is an excellent addition to the Vegan, offering a vegan experience with the inclusion of Biscoff so that plant-based eaters can have the same creative experience as the carnivores. In total, they have SIX vegan options, which is incredible, as well as vegan chicken nuggets. Filthy buns try to cater to everyone. 

The Jerked Spice Fries are also a nice addition to an excellent menu. It’s well worth tucking into and a perfect addition to any burgers. 

These culinary delights are affordable, ranging from £8 to £11 each. For London, especially, these prices are very reasonable. 

Completing the experience are hand-made ice cream sandwiches from hilariously named Happy Endings (Filthy Buns, partnering with a company called Happy Endings, is a match made in comedic heaven), providing a sweet and indulgent touch to the Menu. 

The Pub That Hosts The Meat

The pub that hosts Filthy Buns also adds to the experience. It’s an excellent venue. The Three Compasses boasts an extensive selection of craft beer and cocktails and, reportedly by punters, the finest Guinness in Dalston. 

They also now operate a delivery service via Deliveroo. This is only available within a three-mile radius of The Three Compasses pub, but a click-and-collect service is also available. The Click and collect service is a great option. We Foodies at Prolific London use the click-and-collect service to prepare our food when we arrive at the pub. It’s a nice little hack. All that’s left is to get the pints in. 

Filthy Buns owner John Gladwell states on the company website:

“Someone Once Said ‘You Can’t Call Food Filthy’ We Wholeheartedly Disagreed – Filthy Buns Is All About Grabbing The Humble Burger And Turbo Charging It To Give Your Tastebuds A Good Smack In The Chops. 

Quality Ingredients, Banging Flavours, Freshly Cooked And A Funny Name – What More Do You Need From A Burger?…Ohhhh, That Bit Of Juice That Runs Down Your Hand When You Eat It, Well, We’ve Got That Covered Too.”

We at Prolific London feel that Filth Buns are one of the most creative and best options for a burger available now in London. This is a massive compliment, as the competition in the nation’s capital is fierce. So, if you want to try something unique, tasty, affordable and fun, take yourself down to Dalston and get your mouth around one of these mouth-watering delights. 

Filthy Buns are open from Tuesday to Friday, 5 pm to 9 pm.

Saturday 1 pm – 9 pm / Sunday 1 pm – 9 pm 

Closed Mondays 

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