Carlsberg launches ‘Better Beer for Britain’ campaign

December 11, 2019

Global beer brand, Carlsberg, has cheekily promised to get the election done by unleashing Britain’s Beer potential, providing ‘better beer for the many not the few’ and unveiling Britain’s Snap Pack future.

With just one more day to go until Britain votes in the umpteenth election since the 2016 Brexit vote, the Danish company has promised Britain a trade deal Londoners can rally behind – free beer in exchange for belief in its better brew.

Beer Battle Bus 

A touring Carlsberg Battle Bus will first appear at Kings Cross, London to offer Brits free beer and a shining light that proves not all promises are broken 

Carlsberg said it will continue to stand by its policy of ‘Brewing for a Better Tomorrow’ with the introduction of Snap Pack sustainable packaging, as well as ensuring the Battle Bus is fully electric.

Beer revamp

The campaign for “Better Beer for Britain” comes after Carlsberg’s revamp of its flagship beer in the UK. The brand also said that despite its famous strapline, its previous lager was ‘Probably NOT the best beer in the world’.

The Carlsberg Battle Bus will be pulling up across the capital on Tuesday 10 December and Wednesday 11 December to deliver on the campaign promise in the form of a can of, probably, the most balanced pilsner in the world.

First arriving at Kings Cross on Tuesday 10 December, the Carlsberg Battle Bus will move to Charing Cross on Wednesday 11 December and offer adults over the age of 18 one free sample of their new Danish Pilsner. 

Carlsberg will not be looking to debate over its brew after successfully completing its mission to revamp every aspect of its beer. 

The end-result is a perfectly-balanced 3.8% ABV Danish Pilsner, which has been ‘rebrewed from head to hop’ to deliver a crisper, fuller flavour than its predecessor. 

Early opinion polls are favourable, indicating that 59% of UK lager drinkers prefer the taste of the new brew over the current UK No.1 mainstream lager. 

Climate change concerns

With climate change policies high up on many voter’s priorities, Carlsberg will also be reminding Brits as to how the brewer continues to ‘brew for a better tomorrow’ with the introduction of more sustainable packaging. 

Last year, the brewer introduced the innovative new ‘Snap Pack’, pioneering technology that uses small glue dots to hold cans together rather than traditional plastic rings, a change that will see Carlsberg reduce its plastic usage globally by 76%.