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February 26, 2024

Why Is London So Expensive?

In 2022, London became the fourth most expensive city in the world, according to a survey run by the mobility group ECA. Boasting excellent restaurants and nightlife, lots of cultural history, great

5G: What’s next for marketing?

Peter Gbedemah is a computer scientist and telecoms entrepreneur who supports burgeoning tech companies. He founded African telecoms business, Gateway Communications, at the height
January 30, 2020

My Startup: Axate

We all know the traditional models for online publishing have serious financial faults. With 20 years in the industry, Dominic Young has founded Axate, a pay-per-article service
January 21, 2020

My Startup: BioBeats

HealthTech startup BioBeats was launched to help users take control of their mental wellbeing through its digital products. The company provides wearable technology and advanced
December 3, 2019