CDS supports special coronavirus edition of Lambeth Talk

April 6, 2020

The London Borough of Lambeth has produced a COVID-19 response communication for all borough residents.

This special coronavirus crisis edition of ‘Lambeth Talk’, contains multi-lingual advice and signposts support and guidance from the council and Public Health England (PHE) on COVID-19.

Lambeth’s contracted communications agency providing print management services, CDS, is working in support of the Lambeth communications team to ensure every resident receives this critical publication, either in print or digital format.

Available as a PDF on the Love Lambeth website, the communication team understand that many residents have no access or limited internet access. Therefore, a delivered magazine is crucial to supporting every individual household as they cope with both the lockdown and social isolation guidelines.

Lambeth is sharing the publication via the Local Government Association with wider authorities, and CDS is also talking to their Local Authority clients. 

The communication also has information on the many Food Banks and other VCS organisations which are assisting the community and includes advice on how to donate and volunteer.

CDS Head of Marketing, Paul Meersman said: “Many of our clients operate in industries strategically critical for the nation – health, transport, police, finance, government and defence. As key workers, we’re supporting our clients who rely on our flexible services to ensure continuity to their communications during the crisis.”

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