eBay partners with psychologist to show parents how much old toys might be worth

June 21, 2019

eCommerce giant eBay has used the run-in to the release of Toy Story 4, released today (June 21st) to encourage parents to clear out sentimental toys no longer used by their children – as some of it might have serious value.

eBay carried out research, surveying 1,000 families and finding out just how many hold onto unused toys long after children have grown up – and partnering with psychologist Honey Langcaster-James to provide tips on how to start clearing space.

Langcaster-James said: “Sometimes people hold on to children’s toys for longer than needed because they get caught up in the memories and their emotional connection to them, and don’t know how to detach and deal with the practical issue. This can especially be the case when it comes to play-things they gave their little ones at an early age.

“For parents who struggle to let go of their child’s toys, it can be helpful for them to think about the need to lead by example and find a few practical strategies to help to reduce the emotionality of it all. Selling on old toys together as a family can also be a great way to free up some cash and invest that in making new memories together.”

Her three points are start small, create a habit, and make money – as some old items might have gained financial value in the meantime.

Director of Consumer-to-consumer Selling at eBay, Nikin Patel, said:  “At eBay we see a huge market for pre-loved toys. We understand that many parents not only find it hard to let go of toys their children have loved, but also what to do with them when they’re no longer played with. By listing unused toys on eBay we can guarantee that, just like Buzz and Woody, they’ll be off on their next adventure in no time.”