Facial recognition scrapped at King’s Cross after backlash

September 3, 2019

The company behind the new King’s Cross development has said that it will scrap the roll-out of facial recognition technology across the site.

The use of the technology caused a furious backlash after it was announced last month.

According to the developer, facial recognition had been used in its CCTV systems between May 2016 and March 2018.

It was amongst the first in the UK to admit that it was using the technology, which captures images without the consent of members of the public.

Public opposition to facial recognition is growing amid deepening concerns around transparency, privacy, and human rights.

Earlier this year it was announced that the Metropolitan Police had spent £200,000 on a series of facial recognition tests that had yielded no arrests.

Meanwhile Amazon faces continued shareholder pressure to abandon sales of its own facial recognition product until it can be proved that it does not have any human rights implications.