Fintech Anyfin launches new ‘spokesdolphin’ campaign

August 29, 2019

Swedish fintech Anyfin has launched a new English language campaign featuring new character Delfi the dolphin, to help consumers avoid high credit costs. 

The startup helps consumers lower their credit costs on existing part-payments, private loans and credit cards. 

Delfi, who will lead the firm’s ​“Be smart. Pay less.” campaign, is on a mission to teach humans how to be smart with money, and pay less by avoiding fishy deals and high credit costs, the firm said. 

As a self-proclaimed arch nemesis of Loan sharks, she explains how Anyfin helps people to lower their monthly costs on consumer loans. 

In the first film we find Delfi the dolphin at a restaurant where she explains – by turning down an offer to buy fish straight out of a suspicious-looking man’s trenchcoat – how Anyfin helps us avoid fishy deals. 

In the second film, Delfi is laughing at sharks in a tank, showing how Anyfin keeps loan sharks at bay.

“We wanted to find a way to show how smart and easy Anyfin’s product is, but also tell the story about how we as a company are on a mission to put the power back in the hands of the consumer”, said Mimmi Grafström, Head of Marketing at Anyfin. 

“What could be smarter than a dolphin that not only knows her way around finance but also is a true expert when it comes to loan sharks?”

Anyfin has been listed as one of the world’s best fintech innovators and was founded by former Klarna, Spotify and iZettle employees. 

Earlier this year, the firm secured €8 million in a pan-European fundraising exercise partly sourced in London.

“We dolphins know a thing or two about sharks”, said Delfi, Spokesdolphin at Anyfin. 

“Great whites, Hammerheads, Bull sharks … Loan sharks. They prey on high interest rates, and I’m here to put an end to it​“. 

The campaign was created and produced by international creative agency Acne, with VFX and post-production by Swiss.