Flashtalking to integrate social networks into ad platform

February 19, 2020

Global independent primary ad server Flashtalking has launched the beta version of Facebook and Instagram integrations, which will offer advertisers the opportunity to build and manage social creative.

This move is intended to bring together the formerly separate worlds of social marketing and video & display, providing marketers with greater efficiency, creative control and personalisation at scale.

Still in its beta testing stage, Flashtalking’s new social integration will provide its Creative Manager, Campaign Manager and reporting capabilities to Facebook and Instagram ad formats. Those who are familiar with the platform can now use the tools they understand to deliver consistent customer messaging across social channels too.

Full roll-out is expected in May. Marketing clients of Flashtalking and their agencies will be able to easily build and manage social creative; utilise personalisation based on demographics, interests, location, time, and more; manage scheduling and rotation in one platform; view performance of social and open web in a consolidated interface; and see a streamlined personalisation and reporting workflow.

John Nardone, CEO of Flashtalking, said: “Our commitment to enabling creative personalisation at scale for marketers across all verticals is clear and constant, as we roll out vital solution after solution. Absolutely everything we deliver reflects this strategy.

“So, as consumer engagement – more and more often including ecommerce engagement and purchasing behaviour – within the world’s largest social platforms has continued to rise, we’re thrilled to deliver this industrial-strength solution. The breaking down of channel silos offers extraordinary efficiency and scalability.”