May 18, 2024

Prolific London is taking a look at Giraffe360 in today’s business in focus piece. This should be a good one as the innovative company has been making waves recently with its fresh approach to the virtual tour market. Giraffe 360 have perfected the art of camera work to create an immersive experience for their clients and clients’ customers. They use their expertise to create 360 tours for the retail market allowing retail agents and their customers to view properties digitally instead of travelling to a location. 

As you can imagine there are many benefits to this service, the main one being, clients that who want to purchase properties overseas no longer have to book a flight and see it in person. They can now view their next potential real estate investment from the company of their own home or workplace. 

Company Origins 

The company was founded in 2010 in Manchester U.K under the moniker Giraffe Visual. The idea for the business was spearheaded by Latvan-born entrepreneur Mikus Opelts. Mikus brought the company to life as a start-up venture and managed to find great success with Giraffe Visual. 

Since its first inception, the company has seen astronomical growth. They changed the name from Giraffe Visual to Giraffe360 in 2016 and in 2018 they officially registered themselves as a Private Limited Company in the United Kingdom. 

How Does Giraffe360 Work For Its Customers?

Giraffe360 offers a technology called “virtual tour software”. This offers users a platform for creating 360-degree interactive tours of properties, allowing viewers to explore each room at their own pace. Utilising a specialised 360-degree camera, the software scans the property and processes the captured images, seamlessly stitching them together to provide an immersive experience. Additionally, the software generates highly accurate floor plans, boasting over 98% precision.

According to the company website, virtual tours are highly effective in aiding the sale of houses. Their research indicates that virtual tours result in a 130% increase in enquiries and a 45% boost in listing engagement. Additionally, they also claim it can help expand market reach by attracting buyers from more distant locations.

How Does Their Technology Work?

The 360 real estate camera offered by the company employs advanced built-in laser LiDAR technology (this is currently top-tier tech), capable of scanning spaces up to 50 meters with over 98% accuracy. This technology generates a comprehensive range of property listing content, including floorplans, still photographs, and virtual tours. 

After completing the scan, the company’s suite of AI integrations and applications automatically edit and process the captured files. This includes tasks such as naming rooms and adding precise measurements. Once processing is finished, the files are uploaded to a user dashboard, allowing for easy downloading or sharing.

Present Day

Giraffe360 now operates in over 30 countries and has offices based in  London, Manchester, Riga, Liepāja and Miami. They employ over 200 people and are still in a period of growth. Their vision seems to have struck the right cords in the retail market and has changed the industry of real estate due to its focus on virtual tours.