Ikea bath boats clear rubbish from the Thames

February 19, 2019

Ikea has released two large scale replicas of its Smakryp bath boat to clear rubbish from London’s waterways and promote the opening of its new sustainable store.

The boats use ‘Orca’ technology which allows them to collect up to 20kg of rubbish at once.

Two versions of the ‘Good Ship Ikea’ will putter through Deptford Creek throughout half term, coinciding with the opening of Ikea’s Greenwich sustainable store.

Helen Aylett, Ikea Greenwich store manager, said: “Ikea is committed to playing a key role in the community and the Good Ship Ikea is just one of many ways we are demonstrating this. In partnership with Creekside Education Trust and Hubbub, we are taking on the important issue of plastic pollution with a playful activity and encouraging children and families to join us in cleaning up the local area.”

Jill Goddard, chair of Creekside Education Trust said: “We have over 7,000 local school children and their families visiting us every year and we are primed to educate them on plastic usage, the harm it causes our local wildlife and how it ends up in Deptford Creek, the Thames and eventually the ocean.

“We are delighted to be teaming up with Ikea on delivering a fun but educational activity for the local community during half-term. So much plastic rubbish comes through the river watercourse and we strongly believe that if we all do a little bit, our waterways will be hugely improved for all of us.”