Who is Kretov Aleksandr?

February 19, 2024

Kretov Aleksandr, a shareholder at the Ariant Group of Companies, boasts a distinguished 25-year career in the food and drink industry, embodying the roles of an entrepreneur and adept manager. His professional trajectory aligns with a visionary leader’s, seamlessly integrating business acumen with a steadfast commitment to social responsibility and sustainable practices.

Kretov’s Values and Principles

Guided by the principle that “Tomorrow begins today,” Kretov emphasises the importance of daily actions in building one’s dream life. Born in Chelyabinsk in 1972, his early life laid the foundations for personal growth and strategic vision. Beginning his academic journey in 1989 at the Chelyabinsk Polytechnic Institute, Kretov studied Electrical Engineering, earning his degree in five years.

Kretov was quoted in Business Matters (one of the UK’s leading business magazines) stating: “A person’s and a company’s success is largely determined by the people they manage to gather along their path. Employees who feel valued and important are highly motivated to perform their best and to transform their work environment into the best it can be. Connecting with employees on a personal level can go a long way to making them feel important and valued.”

Mr. Kretov continues, “In the realm of business, fostering self-managed teams is the linchpin of sustained success. When you have faith in your team’s capabilities and empower them to take ownership of their roles, you create a culture of innovation and accountability. This not only enhances overall performance but also paves the way for long-term growth and prosperity. Trust in your team is the bedrock upon which thriving enterprises are built.”

Other Specialisations

His interest in the intersection of a company’s resources and production/output led him to pursue a specialist course. Fueled by a keen interest in finance, he furthered his education, completing a specialised course in Finance and Credit in 1996, emerging as a qualified economist. This educational background equipped him for his initial entrepreneurial endeavours.

Kretov’s entrepreneurial journey began in 1995 when he assumed the role of project leader for the construction of the Center for the Food Industry Ariant in Chelyabinsk. Under his leadership, the agro firm Yuzhnaya was acquired in the early 2000s, and the prestigious winemaking centre Kuban-Vino was restored and modernised, regaining its former position.
In 2016, Kretov became the CEO of Agrofirma Ariant LLC, which specialises in meat production.

His innovation and managerial prowess significantly improved the company’s processes, ensuring the growth and success of the business. Transitioning to a shareholder role in the Ariant Group of Companies in 2020, he consolidated various Ariant entities, promoting full-cycle winemaking and meat products with a focus on environmental sustainability.

Now aged 51, Kretov has stepped back from the company’s operations, leaving a modern and environmentally conscious management team in charge. Beyond business, he is a dedicated philanthropist, supporting youth sports initiatives and healthcare workers during the COVID-19 outbreak. In his personal life, Kretov is a committed family man with an active lifestyle, engaging in sports and travel.

He, indeed, has had a remarkable journey through the business world. Kretov’s values as a businessman and his consideration for the people who work for him are the core values of a brilliant entrepreneur.

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