M25 Set For Closure This Weekend, Which Could Result In Chaos For General Public

March 15, 2024

Motorists are preparing for a significant disruption on the M25 this upcoming weekend, as a vital section of the motorway is scheduled to close. National Highways has issued a warning urging drivers to avoid a five-mile stretch of the motorway in Surrey between junctions 10 and 11, which will be closed in both directions from 9 pm on Friday until 6 am on Monday.

This closure represents a historic event, as it marks the first planned daytime closure of all lanes on the M25, necessitated by the demolition of the Clearmount bridleway bridge. While National Highways suggests that only an additional hour will be added to travel times, other estimates indicate potential delays of up to five hours.

Jonathan Wade, the Project Lead for National Highways, emphasised the significance of these closures, stating that drivers should only utilise the M25 if absolutely necessary.

 He highlighted the extensive planning undertaken to manage the closures and implement diversion routes. However, he acknowledged the likelihood of heavy congestion and delays. Wade advised individuals to avoid the affected area altogether if possible, suggesting alternatives such as staying at home and engaging in household activities or outdoor recreation.

The closure will reroute approximately 4-6,000 vehicles per hour from the congested section between junctions 10 and 11 onto smaller roads, adding over 11.5 miles to their journey. This section of the M25 is frequently utilised by travellers accessing Heathrow and Gatwick airports.

Alternative routes have been designated for local diversion:

  • For journeys from Junction 10 to Junction 11: Northbound A3 to Painshill Junction, A245 towards Woking, and then A320 to M25 Junction 11.
  • For journeys from Junction 11 to Junction 10: A320 south towards Woking, A245 towards Byfleet and Painshill junction, Southbound A3 to Junction 10.

Additionally, drivers may consider using the M25 in the opposite direction to circumvent the closure.