New Nissan LEAF digital ads scan number plates to warn drivers about emission charges

April 1, 2019

TBWA\London and MGOMD have created a tech and data-driven campaign for Nissan that highlights how the brand’s 100% electric vehicle, the Nissan LEAF, is exempt from London’s impending ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) charge.

The campaign uses the latest DOOH (Digital Out of Home) technology with ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) at congested traffic light locations like Gypsy Corner, Finchley Road and Holland Park in central London.

The intelligent technology detects the make, model and colour of vehicles waiting at the lights, and shows messages in real-time to those drivers who will incur a charge if they enter the new ULEZ zone from April 8th 

The messages are served with pinpoint accuracy, delivering zero wastage. The vehicle detection technology for the screens, developed by Ocean, does not store any personal driver or vehicle data.

Drivers will then see a screen presentation of the charge they can face. For example, the screen could show messages like ‘You could save up to £24 a day on the ULEZ and Congestion charge’ or ‘For an electric car, it’s not too keen on charges.’ 

If the driver is already in a Nissan LEAF the copy congratulates them on avoiding the charge by being #ULEZready.

The campaign is further supported by print, digital, social and a media booking in the Metro newspaper, running consecutive ads that reference London Mayor Sadiq Khan – “Breathe easy, Sadiq” – as he aims to improve London’s air quality.  

Nicolas Verneuil, Marketing Director of Nissan Motors GB, said: “The Nissan LEAF is both Europe’s and the UK’s best-selling 100% electric car. We wanted to promote this achievement whilst at the same time ensuring London motorists know there’s an affordable, accessible and intelligent way to not only reduce their driving costs in the capital but also help improve the city’s air quality.

“Through Nissan Intelligent Mobility, we’re redefining the way cars are driven, powered and connected to the world around us. With the LEAF’s proven, practical and enjoyable zero-emission drivetrain, we can make cities like London a better place for everyone.”

TBWA\London’s CCO, Andy Jex, added: “Responding in real time in an engaging, dynamic and relevant way to a topical issue as big as this is a really powerful way to leverage Nissan’s position as the leader in electric vehicles.”