The Crocodile, Onalytica and Turtl take on crisis in physical events with virtual initiative Podium

April 8, 2020

London institutions The Crocodile, Onalytica and Turtl have forged a partnership with ON24 to launch Podium, a global Immersive Virtual Events initiative.

Marketing agency The Crocodile, software company Onalytica, and content creation platform Turtl have responded to the crisis in physical events and joined with international tech company ON24 – which uses data-rich digital experiences to transform companies’ customer engagement – to replicate the immersiveness and success of face-to-face events.

The solution is intended to help businesses elevate their webinar experiences to match the engagement and impact of traditional conferences, training sessions and networking events.

Podium wants to create the next generation of immersive digital event experiences; replicate the theatre and excitement of physical events; design data-driven digital experiences that feel more human; and scale the engagement of in-person events to a much wider audience.

Tessa Barron, VP of Marketing at ON24, said: “Our mission at ON24 is to help businesses transform their marketing into an experience their audience demands. And, we know that realising that vision takes more than technology. Through innovative service offerings like Podium, we hope to help companies successfully bridge the physical-to-digital event divide, now and in the future.”

The Crocodile Managing Director, Jason Talbot, added: “In the blink of an eye the world changed. It’s forced many of us to confront digital experience gaps that exist across many organisations. By breaking down silos and collaborating we’ve created Podium – immersive event design with craft, theatre, connected data and digital scale as a viable alternative to physical events in 2020 and onwards.” 

Tim Williams, CEO of Onalytica, said: “Physical events create spikes of social media engagement, but brands have historically struggled to build and sustain dialogue and engagement pre- and post-event. Integrating internal and external influencers in the promotion of events drives an eight-week audience engagement cycle, improves the quality of events and creates inspiring content assets that can be used in the sales cycle throughout the year.”

Nick Mason, CEO of Turtl, said: “I’m very excited for Turtl to be part of Podium. In the present climate, the ability to deliver amazing digital events is an absolute must and Podium will be leading the way with best-of-breed technologies for every step of the digital event experience.”

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