The Importance of Good HR in Business and the 3 Foundational Elements

May 30, 2024

Without human beings, businesses wouldn’t be anything more than a building and a name. It’s the human beings behind the numbers and figures that make a business work and it’s the Human Resources (HR) department that ensures those people are happy, productive, and reflective of the company’s ideals.

A great HR team doesn’t just manage hiring and firing; they play an integral role in maintaining a productive and positive work environment for existing and future employees. Yes, they ensure the right talent is hired at the right time, but they also resolve disputes, keep daily processes running and essentially keep the wheels greased, very much from behind the scenes.

You could say HR is the “secret ingredient” in many businesses’ success stories and today, we’ll be taking you through a checklist of the 3 foundational basics that all HR teams should build themselves upon.

Listen to Your Employees

Your employees are on the front lines every day, interacting with clients and each other. This makes them a valuable resource for feedback on how your HR offerings can be refined. Listen to their suggestions and concerns and you’ll find insights you would never get from a basic top-down evaluation.

Employees’ firsthand experiences can highlight inefficiencies and suggest practical improvements, ensuring that HR policies and systems are genuinely beneficial to everyone.

Invest in the Right Systems

Not all HR systems are created equal so doing the research and investing in the right HR system is essential. An effective HR system should be clean, reliable, and user-friendly, allowing employees to access all necessary information in one centralised place rather than navigating multiple platforms.

It should also work across devices with the ability to back up information just in case of a system breach. HR software can make your employees’ lives easier by integrating various functions like payroll, benefits management, and performance reviews into a single, cohesive platform.

Get Onboarding Right

The onboarding process is critical when ensuring employees are all singing from the same hymn sheet, so to speak. It’s this first part of the (hopefully) long employee lifecycle that sets the tone for their future and yours. Ensuring that your HR software systems are robust and capable of supporting new hires during their initial weeks can make a significant difference.

A silky-smooth onboarding process helps new employees feel not only more welcome and like they belong but that they’ve been given all the tools necessary to succeed. Use cohesive business software to create a comprehensive and supportive onboarding experience that makes employees feel like they’re slipping into an old pair of shoes rather than being forced into uncomfortable new ones. You’ll soon start to notice the difference!