TikTok launch new global travel campaign #TikTokTravel

June 10, 2019

Short-form video site TikTok has launched a new in-app campaign encouraging users to share their travel stories.

#TikTokTravel includes an in-app challenge, a theme song created by a TikTok user, and a new scheme to support unsigned musicians.

The campaign also sees the launch of a new template feature enabling creators to stitch together multiple still images into a video.

Several global tourism boards are participating in the campaign, with cities and countries including Los Angeles, Dubai, Seoul, Japan, Vietnam, and Malaysia joining the platform as it progresses.

The in-app challenge encourages creators to share content from their travels in exchange for the chance of winning related prizes. The challenge runs until 30 June.

As previously reported, TikTok maker ByteDance launched a new app last month.

Feiliao, which translates as ‘Flipchat’, is an instant messaging platform that encourages users to organise around shared interests.

TikTok is seen by many as the natural successor to Vine, the cult short-form video platform that was shuttered in 2017. In April Vine creator Dan Hofmann announced that his forthcoming app Byte, which also allows users to share time-limited clips, was entering private beta.