Top 10 in Tech: London’s most valuable Recruitment startups

February 14, 2024

We’re interested in finding and identifying the most successful startups coming out of London. This week, we’re checking out startups operating in recruitment.

Recruitment is a valuable industry filled with ambitious young professionals, placing jobseekers and filling difficult-to-fill roles – and it’s ripe for technological innovation.

Startups are working hard to bolster the efficiency of finding work, helping instantly fill temporary roles, finding apprentices, and making recruiters’ lives easier all at once. 

Using Tech Nation’s Data Commons, we found London’s most valuable recruitment-focused companies and platforms under 10 years old. Find our lists of Gaming, MarTech and Sports startups, here.

1. Beamery

Beamery puts the power in companies’ hands as to which talent they see – providing a recruitment-focused CRM that engages even candidates that haven’t taken the initiative to apply, actively creating relationships rather than receiving CVs.

Founded: 2014
Value: At least £92 million ($112 million)

2. Coople

Coople is the largest on-demand staffing platform. Through it, companies can find those looking for flexible work – and help people between jobs find something temporary to suit them. Employers can instantly hire, while candidates can accept offers directly from their mobile and get paid weekly.

Founded: 2009
Value: At least £69 million ($84 million)

3. Hibob

People management platform bob focuses on personalised and holistic HR. It’s in the process of modernising human resources, and bring out the best in clients’ employees.

Founded: 2015
Value: At least £65 million ($80 million)

4. WhiteHat GB

Candidates searching for a career in business, accounting, marketing, tech or finance can count on a WhiteHat apprenticeship – including digital profiles instead of CVs, top job content, and a social network for apprentices.

Founded: 2016
Value: At least £52 million ($64 million)

5. Adzuna

With 16 international locations, job posting search engine Adzuna has had huge success. It searches thousands of websites on behalf of jobseekers, and brings together millions of ads in one place.

Founded: 2010
Value: At least £32 million

6. Helpling

Formerly Hassle, Helpling connects domestic cleaners with homeowners. 

Founded: 2012
Value: £29 million (€32 million)

7. Qlearsite

With Qlearsite, employers can get the capability to understand your employees and drive meaningful change. It offers People Analytics software so companies can get in-depth statistical analysis of their workforce.

Founded: 2014
Value: At least £25 million (€28 million)

8. Syft App

Syft enables temporary work to be found easily and transparently. Employers pay no upfront fees, and get a greater deal of control – while ‘Syfters’ are vetted and have incredible choice as to when and where they work. Most importantly, they are paid above average rates for their work.

Founded: 2015
Value: At least £24 million

9. Network Locum

Network Locum helps doctors book sessional work instantly, and get paid on-time. It makes the entire locum system simpler and more efficient.

Founded: 2010
Value: At least £23 million ($28 million) 

10. Debut

The Debut app lets students and graduates find employment quickly and easily, from their own mobile phones. You can browse opportunities and get spotted by recruiters, across a wide range of sectors.

Founded: 2015
Value: At least £20 million