April 22, 2024

Content Creators are everywhere these days and there is a plethora of tools available to help aspiring writers, journalists and YouTubers. Applications such as Grammarly and A.I Programs like Grok and Chatgtp are widely used by people who want to produce top-quality content for their websites or YouTube channels. 

VEED is one such piece of tech that aims to provide a quality service for video creators and we will be focusing on their story and what they are trying to achieve in this latest business in-focus article. 

Veed is a startup whose aim is to revolutionise the accessibility of video creation for everyone. Founded in 2018 by Sabba Keynejad and Tim Mamedov, VEED aims to offer an intuitive platform that gives its users the tools to unleash their creativity through captivating videos.

The idea for VEED stemmed from Tim’s university dissertation, which explored democratising visual content creation. Together, Sabba and Tim envisioned a video feed app that transforms articles into bite-sized videos. This concept evolved into VEED, providing users with an accessible online video editor. instead of videos taking hours to edit and put together VEED claims, they allow users to do this in a matter of minutes

How Veed Works

The website is full of useful tips and tricks and includes guides on how to operate and use the software as well as how to create concepts for videos that drive engagement. The monthly subscription packages start at 85 dollars and there are three options to choose from Basic, Pro and Business. 

Basic Plan – $85 Monthly 

The basic unlocks a range of features tailored to suit customers’ video editing needs. It allows users to remove watermarks on videos, export files in HD 1080p, includes 60 minutes of subtitle support and 5 minutes of subtitle translation

Pro Plan – $170 Monthly

The Pro plan expands on the basic plan features and includes all the Basic plan benefits plus 120 minutes of subtitle creation, ensuring comprehensive language coverage, and access to cutting-edge AI tools like clean audio and text-to-speech to enhance videos effortlessly. A library of stock audio, video, and templates is also included for users to use which is a nice addition. 

Business Plan – $390 Monthly

As expected (and especially for that price point) the Business Plan has everything included in Pro and Basic, but dials everything up to 11. This is the plan for customers who want to push the boundaries of their video creations. 

Subscribers to this plan will benefit from 600 minutes of subtitle creation and 30 minutes of translation per user, optimizing video accessibility and also have access to customisation options allowing users to create branded videos using custom templates and add clickable links to drive engagement. A video analytics feature is also included, and videos can be produced in 4K.

VEED Going Forward

VEED has experienced rapid growth from its humble origins, now generating over $15 million in annual recurring revenue. For a start-up, this is no mean feat, they did have some additional funding from Sequoia but they had to get the concept right for the investment to materialise in the first place so hats off to them for achieving this.  

VEED now has over 3 million users creating six million videos monthly. The platform has evolved significantly, with a team of over 200 employees focused on developing industry-leading, AI-powered products. Recent innovations like Magic Cut, an AI tool that automates video editing tasks are even more impressive and it will be exciting to see what innovations the team manage to pull out of the hat in the years to come. 

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