Wealthinity launches to disrupt wealth management sector

November 22, 2019

A new wealth management company has launched in London aiming to help small players within the wealth management sector compete with and challenge larger firms. 

Created to empower financial advisors, wealth managers and private banks, Wealthinity said it enables small to medium firms to offer customised investment solutions, service their clients faster and drive business growth, without any additional costs. 

The dedicated service also offers a web-based portfolio portal, enabling advisors to complete the full client service cycle in just 15 minutes, from fact find and risk assessment to creation and execution of customised client portfolios.

Pre-built portfolios 

Wealthinity said it offers advisors access to a range of pre-built, high performing investment portfolios catered for a wide range of clients – from portfolios made of passive ETFs for Retail investors to portfolios built out of structured products for HNW clients. 

Advisors can also customise client portfolios or construct their own, maintaining full control and ownership of the clients and the investment process. 

“In recent years, an increasing number of smaller wealth management and financial advisory firms have struggled with growth, due to failing to compete with larger financial institutions and absence of active coverage by large banks”, said Taras Rybak, Co-founder of Wealthinity and Head of Investment Solutions of Fusion Asset Management. 

“This is because they lack  resources, ranging from in house  investment expertise, research and technology through to  access to a wide range of trading counterparties.” 

“By launching Wealthinity, we aim to help smaller wealth management firms in overcoming this challenge, by empowering advisors with the  capabilities of larger organisations enabling them to easily complete complex matters, such as portfolio construction significantly enhance client service and  grow their business.”

The Wealthinity portal is operated by Wealthinity Limited, a spinoff of Fusion Asset Management, an institutional asset manager that combines extensive market experience with a quantitative approach to portfolio construction and risk management. 

Established in May 2004 and headquartered in Westminster, London, Fusion has an extensive track record of managing investment products and providing advisory services, with particular emphasis on protective strategies to preserve clients’ money in market downturns.