Business In Focus: Bone Daddies

February 9, 2024

Since 2012, Bone Daddies has been providing London’s people with top-notch ramen and good vibes. Founded by Australian Chef Ross Shonhan (who had previously worked at the notable London restaurant Zuma), Bone Daddies was (and still is) an original idea executed perfectly. A first of its kind in London. Delicious noodles served up and accompanied by a rock and roll soundtrack.

Shonhans’ enthusiasm for Asian food began as a child, with his love for Chinese food, and only grew more prominent with his experiences of eating ramen in Japan. He’s taken these experiences and added his own flair, creating a restaurant chain that now dominates the high streets in central London, with an additional restaurant in Richmond, West London. 

Shonhan left the group in March 2020 in the capable hands of his business partner Demetri Tomazos, and the group remain dedicated to pioneering and producing the best quality ramen in London.

The mission statement on their website drives this point home. 

 “Since we opened those doors to our lively Soho ramen bar in 2012, we’ve wanted to create the best ramen in the best atmosphere. We’re real rock’n’roll, and we stand by it. It’s why our ramen bars are buzzing with classic rock playlists and can get a little rowdy with the right crowd after a few beers and sakes. We wanted to change people’s perceptions of Japanese food from something exclusive and make it accessible.

To us, a great bowl of ramen starts with a great broth, and we take ours seriously. We don’t just sell ramen; we make it. It takes ages, but we wouldn’t change a thing. We champion local collaborators that we know are killing the game, and we pride ourselves on being a community-based ramen bar that really does give a s**t.”

A wide range of options are available from the Menu, but the traditional classic Mushroom Ramen still holds the top spot as the most sought-after Item on the Bone Daddies menu. Shiitake mushrooms, asparagus, bok choy, beansprouts, mushroom butter, silken tofu, garlic, half soy egg, and noodles. Mouthwatering. 

Electric Atmosphere

As mentioned previously, the restaurant vibe is also a significant factor regarding Bone Daddie’s ability to get customers through the door. The team is dedicated to classic rock and only plays bangers from at least twenty years ago or before. 

“We’re rock’n’roll in spirit, and our ramen bar playlist can vouch for that, but it goes a bit deeper than that. We were inspired by the Japanese rockabillies of the 1950s. Born out of a post-war craving for great music, peppy dancing and a force for standing up for what you believe in. They weren’t a quiet bunch, and neither are we.”

They even have a Spotify playlist available if you want to take a bit of Bone Daddie’s legendary atmosphere home with you after you’ve sampled their impressive offerings. 

Additional Epic Business Ventures

In 2013, the group branched out and opened their first Flesh and Buns restaurant, offering young, tantalising Japanese dishes such as Crispy Piglet Belly, Korean Fried Wings, sushi Maki and S’mores with the addition of their in-house smoked dishes like the Chilli Miso Brisket and Pork Rib. In addition, in 2015, they also experimented with a pop-up restaurant named Shack-Fuyu that serves quirky fusion-style Japanese food, some of the highlights being the salmon and tuna taco and the Kinako french toast. 

Bone Daddies don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon; after bringing a unique twist to Japanese and Asian cuisine to the city of London, they are still developing new and fresh ideas to this day. It is exciting to see what next is in store for Bone Daddies and, of course, our tastebuds. 

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