Sir Kier Starmer: How Much Is The Labour Leader Really Worth?

February 9, 2024

Sir Kier Starmer has been the Labour leader for almost four years; he stepped into the role after Jeremy Corbyn was defeated in the 2019 general election in April 2020. In 2008, Sir Keir assumed the position of Director of Public Prosecutions and head of the Crown Prosecution Service, overseeing notable cases such as the prosecution of individuals accused of murdering Stephen Lawrence. Despite criticisms of the CPS for handling the Jimmy Saville case during his tenure, Sir Keir was not directly implicated.

Stepping down from his CPS role in 2013, Sir Keir Starmer transitioned into politics. He ultimately received a knighthood in the 2014 New Year’s Honours list for his noteworthy contributions as Director of Public Prosecutions.

Now, M.P.s are on a decent salary by most people’s standards, but almost all of them have other avenues of income and government salaries. This leads to the question of how much the current labour leader is worth on paper. There isn’t a set answer as, understandably, most people (especially politicians) like to keep this information to themselves. Still, after a deep dive into some facts and financial figures, a close estimate can be made of Starmer’s net worth.

Evaluating His Financial Profile

To take a good look at Sir Keir Starmer’s financial profile, an examination of his income sources and assets is necessary. In the fiscal year 2021/2022, his earnings as a Labour MP amounted to £76,961, supplemented by an additional £49,193 for his role as the opposition leader. Before his current political positions, Sir Keir served as the Director of Public Prosecutions and head of the Crown Prosecution Service from 2008 to 2013, a position renowned for its substantial salary.

In legal services, the barrister and Labour leader garnered over £21,000 in 2020/21. These activities stopped upon assuming the role of Labour leader in April 2020. Reports from May 2020 indicate Sir Keir’s ownership of seven acres of Surrey land valued at approximately £10 million, acquired in 1996 during his tenure as a human rights lawyer.

While he naturally downplayed his wealth during the 2020 Labour leadership campaign (In the current political climate, having vast wealth isn’t something that will appeal to most Labour voters), acknowledging ownership of a north London residence valued at around £1 million, Sir Keir’s net worth was brought to light through tax disclosures. In March 2023, he revealed a U.K. tax payment of £118,580. This amount was earned from multiple streams, including over £85,000 in capital gains from a property sale shared with his sister. His tax records indicate payments of £51,547 on total earnings of £147,633 in 2020/21 and £67,033 on total revenues of £212,087 in 2021/22.

In addition to his political engagements, Sir Keir Starmer has diversified his income streams through book deals and speaking engagements. His bestselling memoir, “The Road to Renewal,” released in 2022, has proven lucrative, yielding substantial royalties. Starmer has also been sought after as a speaker at numerous educational institutions, contributing significantly to his overall financial portfolio.

It’s noted that overall, Starmer’s net worth is around 7.7 million pounds, but this could rise to anywhere between 10 to 15 million when taking his other revenue streams into account and the land he has held since 1996. The labour leader has a very tidy portfolio, and it’s expected to grow more significantly in the coming years.