Who Is The CEO Of B&Q?

February 26, 2024

B&Q is one the most recognisable high street brands in the United Kingdom. Founded in March 1969 by Richard Block and David Quayle, the retail giant has over 300 stores across the U.K. and Ireland, specialising in selling DIY goods and trade equipment.

In 2018, B&Q was sold to the Kingfisher group and is now under the stewardship of current CEO Graham Bell. Political London has done a deep dive to give our readers some background of who Graham Bell is and how he is helping lead B&Q into the future.

With a tenure of over 20 years at Kingfisher, he has held various senior roles within the organisation. During his time as CEO of Screwfix, Graham Bell played a crucial role in the extensive expansion of the store network across the U.K. Before that, he served as the Property Director at Screwfix for a decade, overseeing operations and property. Graham’s earlier positions at B&Q include serving as the Property Director and HR Director.

In an Interview with H.R. Magazine, he stated that his biggest inspiration was his mother, saying, “My mum, who was a successful businesswoman working for Tupperware. Her self-belief, her outgoing style – she believes in approaching life positively. I was inspired by how she worked long hours, travelled all over the country, met so many people – and she got a new car every year. She gave me the confidence to work and strive hard to achieve in my career. She always said: “If you want something, go out and get it; what’s the worst that could happen? You could be successful.”

Bell’s efforts to modernise B&Q have been a crucial initiative. Upon assuming leadership in October 2018, he observed that the organisation was in an “unfit” state, a judgment informed by his extensive 25-year experience with Kingfisher, where he held numerous senior roles across the group, as stated previously. After successfully navigating the business through the pandemic, Graham Bell is looking forward to the future as he continues to help B&Q significantly influence the U.K. DIY and high street sector.