How Many Pubs Closed in 2023?

February 26, 2024

The Pub is one of Great Britain’s most traditional institutions, but more seem to close year after year. A few things are contributing to this. It’s now cheaper to drink at home, with supermarkets offering bargain prices on various brands of alcohol and a wide variety of selections when it comes to products. Also, overheads and energy costs skyrocketed, forcing many pub landlords to close their doors.

Staff shortage is another issue many pubs face, as is the ability to pay for them. Some people have suggested local venues that are suffering the most, and some members believe of the public that operating in certain areas is no longer viable with the community having the need for the venue.

The Save Pubs campaign, however, has gone on record stating, “It is a scandal that every year, many viable and wanted pubs are closed: pubs that have served local communities for many years and pubs that could and should have continued to contribute to community life and the local economy.

There are many reasons for pubs closing – but often, these are not the ones presented by those seeking to close them. The fact is that many pubs are closed not because they are not viable or wanted, they are closed so that owners can cash in by selling off the Pub for development or for alternative use.”

With so many pubs closing their doors and the number seeming to increase yearly, various projects and campaigns such as Save Pubs have been raised to save British pubs.

Last year, a total of 509 venues ceased trading in the United Kingdom. There are currently 3500 pubs operating in London alone, but since the records began, many have also closed. It’s believed to be 5028 in total in the capital.