Buzz Bingo joins forces with Future Anthem to deliver real-time personalisation

April 10, 2024

Buzz Bingo has recently taken a significant step forward in enhancing its customer experience by partnering with Future Anthem to introduce real-time personalisation to its platform. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment for the renowned bingo operator as it seeks to revolutionise the way it interacts with its players.

Integrating Future Anthem’s Amplifier AI solution into Buzz Bingo’s platform allows for delivering dynamic and tailored experiences to each player in real time. This means that players will receive personalised recommendations, promotions, and offers based on their individual preferences and behaviours.

This innovative approach to customer engagement aligns with Buzz Bingo’s overarching goal of providing a superior gaming experience to its players. This means not only offering an industry-leading selection of online bingo games but other relative iGaming experiences that one would expect when visiting a brick-and-mortar bingo hall.

Today, there’s a huge library of online slots that sit alongside the bingo games, providing another source of entertainment for the end user and revenue for the brand. This includes world-renowned slot franchises like Rainbow Riches, which have simple game dynamics that appeal to players of all experience levels.

What is Future Anthem’s Amplifier AI solution?

There are four core elements to the Amplifier AI solution. Firstly, it looks to understand the behaviour of existing players to help drive revenues. It monitors the games players enjoy and play religiously, before identifying crucial commercial trends and opportunities to offer new releases benchmarked against existing popular games and franchises.

As with all licensed iGaming, services now need to be safe and sustainable. This solution monitors player gameplay while engaging and reacting in real time to behaviours deemed potentially risky across all iGaming verticals.

The solution’s built-in algorithm also helps to drive player retention levels by recommending alternative games that users may like based on their most popular games. The solution even can recommend personalised bonuses to drive retention rates. It can also pinpoint prospective players with similar profiles to existing customers to maintain a sustainable and active player base.

A nod to the future

The decision to partner with Future Anthem comes at a time when Buzz Bingo is undergoing a comprehensive rebranding effort to modernise its brand and appeal to a wider audience. Formerly known as Gala Leisure, the company rebranded its iconic Gala Bingo clubs as Buzz Bingo, signaling a new era for the brand, becoming Britain’s #1 entertainment community, both on and offline.

With this rebranding initiative and the integration of Future Anthem’s Amplifier AI solution, Buzz Bingo is positioning itself as a forward-thinking and customer-centric operator in the competitive iGaming industry. By prioritizing personalisation and user experience, Buzz Bingo aims to strengthen its relationship with existing players while also attracting the next generation of players.

Buzz Bingo’s alliance with Future Anthem represents a significant milestone in its journey to redefine the online bingo experience. By embracing real-time personalisation and investing in cutting-edge technology, Buzz Bingo is well set to deliver on its promise of providing a world where everyone can have more fun.