April 22, 2024

In recent years there has been a boom in the meal preparation Industry. Society is currently in a position where people’s time is limited, be it due to the pressures of work, family or spending more energy working on a side hustle. Of course, more people are going to the gym now than ever before so the uptick in people using services like these could also be a symptom of this. More and more people want to get their nutrition right, in an easy quick fashion so they can train effectively or spend more time focusing on work or other ventures. These services allow people to freedom to do this while also eating right. 

What Is Foodhak?

Foodhak is one such company that provides this service to its customers. The company was founded by Sakshi Chhabra Mittal, and she has stated that her main aim is to make healthy eating convenient and delicious for everyone. Sakshi first came up with the concept for her business when she was diagnosed with a rare liver disease during pregnancy, which led her to adopt a plant-based Ayurvedic diet. She claims this not only reversed her illness but also boosted her energy and well-being.

Foodhak states on its website that its company mission is to eliminate the need for people to compromise when it comes to food choices. They believe that food should be both healthy and tasty, without sacrificing convenience. Foodhak aims to achieve this by creating dishes that offer a range of health benefits, such as anti-inflammatory properties and low glycemic index, while also being dairy-free. 

Foodhak is also embracing the future by utilising AI technology to analyze scientific research on the health benefits of various foods. This information is then used to help guide their team of chefs so they can make the correct decisions when designing menu concepts and making sure that the product is in line with their company vision. 

Products And Services

When accessing the Foodhak website there is a wide array of dishes and snacks to choose from. They push a lot of promotional deals on the homepage offering discount codes when certain items are purchased or the basket hits a certain figure. This is of course an effective marketing tool, to get people to fill their baskets, but buying in bulk will save customers a few precious pennies. 

The flexibility of the service, however, is quite impressive, the customisable meal boxes are a bit different from other services that are similar to Foodhak, as they allow the consumer to divert from set menus and pick the meals they want to be included, of course, is a bit more expensive than other services, however, you can be clever with your selections to keep costs down. Although the costs can be a little higher some people will gravitate towards this service due to the flexibility, as this does add value because there is far less chance of receiving a meal that isn’t to the customer’s taste, so food won’t be wasted. 

As well as the customisable boxes, they also offer 4-week set meal plans. Each plan is designed to help customers achieve certain goals. These goals include targets such as weight loss or plans to help boost the immune system. These options are probably the best bang for your buck, but they are more rigid as you get what’s offered in the packages and can’t change the products.

Foodhak is operating in a market that has a lot of competition, but they are doing things differently enough to stand out from competitors, while also sticking to the key principles that make meal preparation services appealing to customers. 

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