What Is Tony Bloom’s Net Worth?

April 22, 2024

Today Prolific London will be looking into entrepreneur Tony Bloom and doing a deep dive into his portfolio to find out how much he is worth. As usual, our team has done the research so you don’t have to and we will lay out all of the details of our findings right here. 

Bloom is known to most people as the acting chairman of Premier League football team Brighton & Hove Albion. He purchased the club in 2009 and they have now become a formidable force in English Football due to Bloom investing a large chunk of his wealth into the club. 

How Bloom Made His Billions

Bloom started his path toward generational wealth by entering the world of gambling, a risky venture for most people, but Bloom seemed to have a knack for it which is a bit of an understatement as we know where he is today. An article in The Sun stated he utilised fake IDs to access bookies and arcades for placing bets when he was too young to do so legally. 

After his success at the bookies, Bloom transitioned into professional poker. Bloom at the time of writing has a total career earning of 3.5 million from playing poker and has played in some of the most prestigious tournaments in the world. 

Starlizard, Syndicates And Sucess 

Following his success in poker, Bloom ventured into entrepreneurship by establishing his betting consultancy firm named Starlizard. The Lizard was Bloom’s poker nickname so it was only natural his first company would take up the moniker as well.

Starlizard operates as a consultancy, offering exclusive odds analysis to affluent clients seeking strategic, high-stakes betting opportunities. So essentially Bloom made the transition from placing bets to advising others on what bets to place. 

The company specialises in delivering tailored estimates for the Asian handicap market, a favourite of Bloom’s, by forecasting the most probable scoreline for football matches. This advice generates significant revenue, approximately £13.8 million annually, through client fees alone.

Starlizard’s establishment coincided with Bloom’s formation of a gambling syndicate, composed of close associates pooling funds for high-stakes sports betting. Bloom oversees the syndicate and contributes substantially to its bankroll. Starlizard’s approach mirrors that of an investment bank or hedge fund, employing around 160 staff to crunch data, build models, and execute transactions globally. 

While Starlizard’s operations remain closely guarded, industry experts estimate the syndicate’s annual profits range from £20 million to £100 million per year. 

Final Figures

As well as owning a Premier League football club Brighton, Bloom also finalised the takeover of Belgian club Royale Union Saint-Gilloise in 2018, By the end of the 2020-2021 football season, USG achieved promotion to the Belgian First Division A for the first time in 48 years. 

Bloom also has a wide range of property and private equity portfolios generating the business mogul more capital on top of his other projects. This along with his ventures into professional football and Starlizard leaves us with a net worth of an estimated 1.3 Billion dollars.