Guide Tips: Places to Visit When Travelling in London

May 20, 2024

London is one of the most vibrant cities in the world, making it an ideal destination for your holiday. While on holiday you can play Jammin Jars demo and other casino titles for fun, see live football matches, or tour around. There are many beautiful sightseeing sites for visitors in the capital of the United Kingdom.

Are you planning a getaway soon and London comes to mind? You’ve made the right choice because you’ll find it fascinating. However, being your first time, we understand that you may not know where to tour in the beautiful city. We’ve got you covered as we discuss places you should have an amazing time in the capital of Great Britain. 

Tower of London

One of the places you should visit on your trip to London is the Tower of London. Built around 1066, the complex of many buildings has defensive walls and a moat. It was used as a royal residence in its early years, before later used as a prison around 1100. The castle is now one of the attractions in the city.

Exploring the Tower of London, you will find the royal residence, armoury, and the fort amazing. With the elegance of the King’s bedroom, you’ll have a clue of how royalty was back in the olden days. The Crown Jewel is another part of the Tower you will find intriguing.

There is a presence of wildlife in the Royal Menagerie. You will find many exotic animals in this part exciting, but beware that they are not always friendly. Also, taking pictures is not allowed in the tower, but it promises you a memorable time. 

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is another place you can experience British royalty during your holiday. Built in 1703, it served as the residence of the Duke of Buckingham before later becoming the private residence of Queen Charlotte. After some adjustments, it became the British Monarch’s residence in London in 1837. 

Visiting the magnificent royal family home gives you the thrills you expect from a palace. If you’re lucky, you might get to see the Queen walking on the central balcony. Visiting when the flagpole keeps flying day and night indicates that the Queen is home.

Arriving around 11:30 would be right in time for the change of guard. You get to witness the parade by the royal guards, with their stepping and precision mind-blowing. Visiting the State Room and the Queen’s Gallery will spice up your visit, amongst other excitement. But the State Room and Queen’s Gallery are accessible when the Queen is not around.

London Eye

Another must-see site in the City is the London Eye, which is on the South Bank of the River Thames. The Millennium Wheel was opened to the public in March 2000 and was the tallest Big wheel then. The 443 ft height gives you a mind-blowing sight of the capital of the United Kingdom. The glass capsules on the observation wheel can accommodate up to 25 people each. 

Provided you are not scared of heights, you will enjoy the amazing views when you’re 443 ft above the city. Your wait for the ticket is worth it, as you have a 30-minute view in the capsule. With millions of visitors every year, it is the most popular paid tourist in Europe.

Tower Bridge

After having some fun at the Tower of London, you can also visit The Tower Bridge. It is one of the five main bridges in the city, and visiting it promises you an exciting getaway. The bridge, which was opened in 1894, crosses the River Thames, connecting the citizens in the east of London Bridge. 

One of the fascinating aspects of the bridge is that it rises three times a day to allow ships to pass before returning to their original state. You can also climb the 200 steps or take a lift to the top of the bridge for an amazing view of the city. 

Visit the Walkways and the Victorian Engine Rooms to learn about the history and how the bridge operates. The visuals and interactive display here reveal how they constructed the bridges back then. You can also have a look at the steam engines that powered it. Using any of the two glass floors on the bridge gives you a complete view of the city and river.