Penny Mordaunt Net Worth

March 12, 2024

Once in the race to become the next prime minister of the United Kingdom, Penny Mordaunt has been in the public eye for quite some time now, but how much is she worth? Let’s examine the facts and see if we can develop a figure. 

Born in Torquay, Devon, Mordaunt’s upbringing instilled her in the community, and she is known for her focus on family values and her resilience. She has represented Portsmouth North as the Conservative MP since 2010 and continues to do so now at the time of writing.

Political Endevours

It makes sense to start here, as most of us know Penny Mordaunt due to her political career. Mordaunt was a staunch advocate for Brexit and emerged as a prominent figure in the Leave campaign during the 2016 EU referendum. Her unwavering support for Brexit has not waned since, positioning her as a notable Brexiteer within British politics.

During pivotal Brexit negotiations, Mordaunt’s steadfast commitment to the cause became evident. Notably, during a critical showdown at Chequers, where cabinet ministers rallied behind then Prime Minister Theresa May, Mordaunt courageously defended the Brexit agenda, earning accolades for her compelling arguments from former Brexit Secretary David Davis.

At the World Affairs Council of Atlanta, Mordaunt characterised Brexit as a “massive opportunity for anyone who believes in democracy,” emphasising her unwavering belief in the democratic mandate behind the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

Despite facing scrutiny for her remarks on the possibility of Turkey joining the EU during the referendum campaign, Mordaunt has remained resolute in her stance against delaying Brexit and rejecting the notion of a second referendum.

As of April 2023, the standard annual salary for a Member of Parliament (MP) serving in the House of Commons stands at £86,584. MPs also have the option to claim allowances to cover expenses related to office operations, staff employment, and the upkeep of either a constituency residence or a residence in London.

Reports suggest Mordaunt’s net worth stands at £3.3 million, comprising earnings from her MP and Minister of State role, but more factors must be considered.

Other Endeavours

Mordaunt’s journey to financial stability commenced long before her foray into politics. Early career stints in public relations and communications laid the groundwork for her financial ascent. Education proved instrumental in Mordaunt’s career trajectory. A graduate of the University of Reading, her studies in philosophy and theology honed critical thinking skills pivotal to her political career.

Ventures beyond parliamentary duties, such as writing, media appearances, and consultancy work, diversify Mordaunt’s income portfolio. Strategic investments, possibly in real estate and other ventures, contribute to Mordaunt’s financial acumen and net worth growth. Unfortunately, her portfolio is challenging to access, so we only have some figures. However, it looks from information gathered from various sources that property is one of her biggest hitters.  

While not directly enhancing her net worth, philanthropic endeavours bolster Mordaunt’s public image, potentially leading to indirect economic benefits such as speaking roles and brand recognition.


Penny Mordaunt’s current financial standing comes from a blend of political earnings, diverse income streams, and strategic investments. Her multifaceted approach to wealth accumulation and philanthropic endeavours shape her financial portrait, and her political career means she can earn much capital (her political career possibly provides her with a leg up on the competition regarding investments, but this can’t be confirmed … for reasons, so don’t take that as fact). 

Looking ahead, factors such as political ambitions and changes in the economic climate will continue to influence her net worth, but considering everything we have discussed, she most likely has a net worth between 1.5 and 4 million dollars.