Who Is Joanne Hannaford?

March 12, 2024

Today, we will explore Joanne Hannaford and what she does, with ties to the World Economic Forum and with her having prominent positions at Credit Suisse AG and other big banks, plus the new role she took up late last year at Deutsche Bank; this should be an interesting one. Prolific London, as usual, has one of the research and is going to give you all the details.

Now having had a seat on the Executive Boards of Credit Suisse Group AG, Hannaford spearheaded engineering and operations initiatives, drove digital transformation, and oversaw investments in enterprise core capabilities.

In her role, Hannaford championed Credit Suisse’s technology infrastructure’s security, scalability, and performance, fostering a world-class engineering and talent culture. She has had a storied career in the financial and technology sectors spanning over two decades, and key leadership roles have beefed up her resume. She has led some of the world’s biggest banks, such as Goldman Sachs and NatWest Bank.

Having joined Credit Suisse in 2022 from Goldman Sachs, where she held various executive positions, including Partner and Global Co-Head of Platform Engineering, Hannaford brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her current role. She has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Staffordshire University (My local county if anyone is interested), and she has demonstrated a commitment to advancing technology and innovation in the finance industry, which has pushed her into the significant roles we spoke about previously as well as her current position.

Beyond her professional achievements, Hannaford fervently advocates diversity and inclusion in the workplace and STEM fields. She actively contributes to various advisory boards and organizations, including the UK Government Digital Service Advisory Board, the Royal Society of Science, the Industry and Translation Committee, Founders4Schools Charity, and the Board of Trustees of the British Computer Society. Additionally, she is a Major in the British Army Staff Corp, another role that shows her leadership qualities.

However, recent developments have seen Hannaford depart from Credit Suisse to assume the role of chief information officer at Deutsche Bank’s corporate bank. Her departure comes amidst shifts in the tech landscape within the banking sector, with Credit Suisse navigating uncertainties surrounding its tech staff amid preferences for internal technology and personnel at UBS.

Hannaford’s transition to Deutsche Bank underscores her continued influence and leadership in shaping technology strategies within the finance industry. It will be interesting to see what she does from here, especially with close ties to the World | economic forum.