Prolific London Awards: Meet the Search Agency of the Year 2019

May 5, 2020

At last year’s Prolific London Awards, it was digital marketing agency Reload Digital who took home the Search Agency of the Year award. 

The agency’s clients include Wrangler, ZOEVA Cosmetics, Philip Kingsley, Emma Bridgewater, Astrid & Miyu, Harper Collins, ARK Skincare and more.

Jess McMahon, Senior Marketing Manager & CRM Specialist at Reload, said: “The Prolific London Awards were the very first awards we had ever entered, we were drawn to these particular awards as we wanted to be recognised and challenged by other award entrants in our local market. 

“Winning Search Agency of the Year has further cemented trust with our search clients and added credibility for people hearing about Reload Digital for the first time.”

The Prolific London Awards this year have been *cancelled, meaning that potential winning agencies, tech firms, PR groups and others now have longer to work on their entry.

From the beginning, Reload has had a focus on its people, harnessing career growth for employees and commercial growth for clients. The current General Manager, Adam Clarke, has worked at Reload for six years after starting in an entry-level position back in 2014.

With a background in web development, Co-founder Llew Jury’s interests grew into the digital marketing sector and in partnership with Craig Somerville, got to work on making Reload a reality in 2009. It’s still an independent agency to this day.

The London team is supplemented by a team of 80 Reloaders worldwide. Whether it’s Paid Media, Social, SEO, Email, UX, CX or Digital Tech, Reload provides a range of skills and thought leadership to global brands & businesses across 20 countries.

The team of 13 is separated into three client service teams each consisting of Strategic Leads, to oversee strategic insight, Digital Account Managers who manage day-to-day communications and ensure projects are on track, and Specialists, who champion a service each across SEO, Paid Search, Paid Social, Content and Email.

Speaking about the company culture, Jess added: “One of our Reload values is to act like an owner, we’re passionate about performance marketing and delivering great results for our clients. Our aim is to provide industry-leading digital expertise but with the commercial application of our clients’ in-house team.

“We hot-desk regularly at our clients’ offices, keep comms high, tailor all reporting to our clients’ business needs, all in the pursuit of becoming an integral part of their marketing team.

“As a business, we place a huge emphasis on hiring passionate marketers and ensuring they stay that way. Our staff retention speaks for itself with 20 Reloaders across the world surpassing the five-year mark.”

When asked why they think they won the Search Agency of the Year award last year, Jess attributed it to the impact that their work has on their clients’ business.

She said: “We are constantly looking for efficiencies to maximise our clients’ potential profits, which ties in with our integrated client approach. We partner with clients to understand the real business impact of our work, we never look simply at clicks or the fact we generated a lead but rather how this lead progresses into revenue.”

Since winning the award for Search Agency of the Year, Reload has also been named as Think Global Award Winners for Retail & eCommerce, giving them a multi-award-winning status.

If you’re looking to show off all the great work that your company does, why not enter the 2020 Prolific London Awards and see what it can do for your business. 

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