Risks and opportunities of card issuing solutions in this industry

May 21, 2024

The market is not standing still but is transforming rapidly. Not so long ago, people used cash only, and only the most affluent clients of large banks had payment cards. Now, a payment card is a convenient and safe means of payment available to every user, and the card-issuing solution is a product that can be launched by any company, regardless of its size and sphere of activity. This article will discuss what capabilities such solutions have, whether they are easy and convenient to use, and whether there are any business risks.

Principle of operation of cards issuing  solution

A card-issuing program is more than a solution allowing you to issue cards for various purposes. It is an entire ecosystem that ensures transaction security and card programme compliance with all industry rules and laws. It works closely with other market players involved in the payment process. To understand its role, you need to know how the payment process itself happens:

  • The cardholder makes a payment with the card. It can be a payment for goods in a retail shop or an online purchase.
  • The merchant accepts the payment. It passes through the merchant’s acquirer, connected to the VISA payment system.
  • The VISA payment system verifies the payment. It contacts the card issuer to authorise the transaction.
  • The issuer approves or rejects the transaction. If approved, VISA pays the merchant, mediated by the acquirer.

Thus, a card-issuing solution is created not just for issuing cards but also for close cooperation with Visa, MasterCard services, and other solutions, for confirming payments, and for their processing, accounting, and control.

Risks and disadvantages of white-label solutions

Creating your card issuing solution for your clients or your company’s purpose is very long and labour-intensive. It is necessary to establish relations with the VISA payment system, conclude a bilateral agreement, submit a whole list of documents to the security service for verification, and meet a lot of requirements to obtain various licenses, permits and BIN numbers. You also have to spend a lot of money to develop your architecture. A whole team of professional IT specialists must work on it. It is much easier and more profitable to use white-label card solutions.

White-label card issuing solutions are ready-made software systems that allow you to bring your card product to the market quickly. The user receives special software to issue cards and manage the card program. A monthly subscription fee is paid for using the solution, and the provider takes care of maintenance, modernisation, resolution of all administrative issues, and transaction security.

There is only one possible risk to using white-label solutions. You risk losing your reputation if you choose an unreliable provider who can’t keep your client’s money and data safe. Also, many providers offer non-unique solutions that are difficult to customise for a specific industry. To avoid these risks, it would help if you only chose a trusted card-issuing solution under the white-label model.

Benefits of a white-label card issuance platform from Wallester

Wallester offers a revolutionary card-issuing solution that allows you to issue virtual and physical VISA cards under a client’s brand and successfully integrate them into an already-running comprehensive financial management ecosystem. It is a solution that works on a white-label model. It offers a host of benefits to the user:

  • Time and cost savings. The users do not need to build a card issuance platform from scratch. They do not waste their time and money on it, and the risks and mistakes that novice developers often make are eliminated. Wallester offers a fully developed and ready-to-use product that can be used independently or shared with others. There is no need to spend money on building infrastructure, meeting payment system requirements, obtaining various licences and BIN numbers, and ensuring security. All these tasks are taken care of by the turnkey solution provider.
  • Flexibility and scalability. Wallester’s off-the-shelf solution is a multi-functional platform with many useful features. It is easily customisable to meet the needs of businesses from any sector and can scale up quickly with rapid business expansion.
  • The use of innovative, expensive developments. Only some companies have the opportunity to invite a high-class developer to their staff who has enough knowledge to create a truly unique project. Experts in their field worked on the creation of the Wallester platform. They focused directly on the quality of the product being created. This aspect is very important for Wallester, as the company values its reputation.

Using the Wallester card issuing platform, any company can focus on its tasks. It can control only a few issues related to the launch and maintenance of its card programme. The Wallester platform provides the following functionality:

  • Issuing cards for any purpose. These can be physical and virtual cards, debit, credit, or prepaid. On the platform, you can create payroll projects, issue corporate expense cards and any other cards necessary to improve business operations.
  • Real-time data updates. Transactions can be monitored online, which greatly simplifies cost analysis and accounting.
  • Easy integration. The platform easily integrates with a company’s existing accounting software and databases. It greatly simplifies accounting and the creation of a variety of reports on corporate expenses.
  • Card programme management. The platform allows for easy blocking, unblocking, reissueing, and limitation of cards. This is very convenient when an employee is away from the office, for example, on a business trip across the country or abroad.
  • Request approval. You can set up automatic approval of requests or satisfy requests from employees online.
  • Issue cards for media buying. It is a convenient and secure tool for making online purchases. You can use it not only to buy adverts but also to pay for other goods and services online
  • Invoice uploading. This feature is useful for remote employees who don’t need to collect various receipts and cheques to report corporate expenses to the finance department. The invoice is uploaded to the mobile app, and the finance staff can generate reports.

Cards issued on the Wallester platform can be used worldwide, where VISA cards are accepted. They can be issued in unlimited quantities. The first 300 cards will be free of charge. Top-up in euros is free of charge for all cards without exception. The card commission is also not charged for transactions in 10 currencies, allowing for optimising operational costs. Cards are convenient to use abroad because conversion is automatic and at the most favourable exchange rate.

Wallester is a platform created using advanced technologies. It is functional and easy to manage. It allows you to issue cards with individual designs. This not only helps in managing finances but also popularises the brand.


You can save time and money on creating your own software to have your card program. It is enough to find a reliable and responsible provider of card-issuing solutions working on the white-label model. You need to use only a quality, time-tested product so as not to lose your reputation. Wallester’s card-issuing platform is just such a solution. It is a reliable tool for financial management with flexible settings that allow it to be adapted to any business.

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