The Five Most In-Demand Jobs In The U.K.

February 26, 2024
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The U.K. job market can be scary; with the current cost of living crisis, finding a career that pays the bills is essential to surviving in the current economic climate in the United Kingdom. So, what are the most lucrative and in-demand jobs in the current job market? 

With the tech industry still growing and new technologies such as Artificial intelligence being adopted and implemented, the job market is constantly changing. However, more traditional jobs within the trades are also required, so it may be challenging to determine what is needed and required now when it comes to work. To shed some light on this, Prolific London has done extensive research, and we have provided a list of 5 jobs that we have determined are currently the most in-demand in the U.K. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) specialist

 A 2023 study by Hays reveals that 71% of organizations anticipate utilizing AI in the future, but only 25% currently possess the necessary AI skills. The demand for professionals in this field is projected to escalate.

To enter this career path, it’s essential to comprehend intricate algorithms and data analysis techniques. Additionally, strong communication skills are crucial for effectively conveying findings.

This is an exceptionally dynamic career in high demand, especially for individuals with a passion for technology who wish to engage with cutting-edge software. For those seeking added motivation, consider that AI skills can significantly boost your salary—up to an impressive 40%, as indicated by a study from researchers at the Oxford Internet Institute and the Center for Social Data Science, University of Copenhagen. 

Healthcare practitioners and social workers

This sector has diverse roles, each requiring specific skills and qualifications. Notably, there is a growing demand for mental health practitioners, home help workers, and residential care nurses.

The significance of mental health has gained heightened attention, especially in the aftermath of the pandemic, where individuals grapple with increased stress and anxiety. Consequently, the demand for trained psychiatric nurses and other mental health care professionals is at an all-time high.

Residential care workers and home helpers are also experiencing heightened demand, providing invaluable support to those living alone or facing challenges due to illness or disability.

Another sought-after role is social worker, topping the Hays 2024 Top Jobs report. These professionals are crucial in helping individuals protect themselves from harm and abuse, allowing people to lead normal lives. The challenges in their daily responsibilities necessitate excellent communication skills, adaptability, critical thinking abilities, and intercultural sensitivity. 

Newly qualified social workers can anticipate salaries ranging from £26,000 to £33,500 on average, with the specific amount influenced by geographical location and the focus on working with adults or children.

As professionals gain more experience, their salaries are expected to increase, reflecting the recognition and value placed on accumulated expertise in the field.


Multi-skilled maintenance engineers play a crucial role in sustaining and enhancing the efficiency of engineering operations. Their responsibilities encompass identifying and addressing mechanical and electrical issues in machinery and proactively conducting maintenance to prevent disruptions. The nature of their work is diverse, offering professionals the opportunity to continually expand their knowledge throughout their careers, ensuring that each day brings unique challenges and tasks.

Multi-skilled maintenance engineers can expect salaries ranging from £37,000 to £58,000, with the specific amount influenced by the employment location. Notably, this role has had an average pay increase of 4.3% over the past year.


Quantity surveyors play an essential role within the construction industry by estimating the costs of building projects and overseeing cost management from inception to completion. 

There is a need for more skilled quantity surveyors, and given the sustained activity levels in the construction sector, these professionals are in significant demand. The demand for quantity surveyors is expected to persist into 2024. Various factors contribute to the heightened need for this commercial role, including shortages in skills, the continuing impacts of Brexit, a reduced influx of individuals entering the profession, and an ageing workforce within the industry. 

The average salary for an assistant quantity surveyor varies between £30,000 and £45,000, depending on geographical location. Career progression in this field can earn £65,000 as an intermediate quantity surveyor and up to £95,000 as a senior quantity surveyor, particularly in London. 


The demand for teaching assistants is rising in education, driven by an increased need for personalized learning and student welfare support. Special Educational Needs (SEN) teaching assistants are crucial in delivering lessons, preparing and modifying resources, offering student intervention, coordinating with parents and caregivers, and fulfilling other pastoral duties.

This career is not only rewarding but also provides the opportunity to make a positive impact on young lives. Additionally, there is the prospect of advancing to higher-level roles such as a higher-level TA or teacher.

Complete information about pay scales can be found online via the Department for Education.

We are heading into March, and the first quarter of the year is almost closing. We at Prolific London hope this list helps our readers navigate a demanding and challenging job market, and we wish you all every success in the future.