July 1, 2024

Today Prolific London is looking at Veri. Veri is a company that has released a revolutionary app that helps people track their glucose levels and metabolic levels.

In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in glucose monitoring, this may be down to people having allergies or also the fact these days people are more conscious of what they are putting into their bodies. With the surge in supermarkets and other food retailers promoting glucose-free food, it’s quite normal that more people would want to know if it is present in their meals.

The Metabolic Health Crisis

Veri states that they believe the food industry promotes unhealthy, addictive products, and the healthcare system focuses more on treating illness than on prevention. Veri states “People are often prescribed medications instead of being offered preventive measures and are overwhelmed by generic health advice. However, there is a growing realisation that individuals can take control of their metabolic health by monitoring their blood sugar levels, understanding their position on the metabolic spectrum, and making informed dietary and lifestyle changes based on their glucose responses”.

So their idea is to help their subscribers achieve a good level of metabolic health before they need medical advice, and they aim to do this by using the app to help their subscribers pick and choose the correct food for them. As each individual is different Veri believes that each person will need different things as we are all unique.

Personalised Health Data

What makes this approach appealing to Veri’s customers is the fact that it relies on personalised biological data, rather than general advice or average statistics. By understanding and stabilising blood sugar levels in a healthy, sustainable way, individuals can extend their health span, reverse insulin resistance, and achieve weight loss. This method is used in diabetics who wear continuous glucose monitors (CGMs). However, Veri states that these alone are often inadequate, as the raw data they provide can be difficult to interpret without proper context, insights, and guidance. So they have come up with a method to track people’s health.

Introducing the Veri Method

This is where the Veri Method comes into play. Research identifies four key factors that significantly influence metabolic health: food, exercise, sleep, and stress. The Veri app is designed to help users make improvements in these areas, focusing on building positive metabolic habits.

The Veri Method functions as a feedback loop. For instance, after eating a meal, users can see how it affects their blood sugar levels. The app then provides guidance on small adjustments to improve future meals. This continuous loop of learning and improvement enables users to make incremental changes that lead to significant, long-term results.

By emphasising metabolic habits rather than vague outcomes, the Veri Method helps users make daily changes that they then claim will lead to better metabolic health over time. Veri has developed this method with advice from some of the United States best universities, such as Havard, Stanford and Duke. Veri seems like an innovative way to take control and manage your persoanl health and hopefully, this will become another success story in the world of health and fitness, it seems they are already walking the right path.