July 1, 2024

Meal kits have become all the rage in recent years. These services provide consumers with pre-selected ingredients so they can cook up a storm in their own kitchens back home. The convenience of these kits is unparalleled, as it takes away the need to do the weekly shop and look for ingredients you can just select each meal and have the necessary foodstuffs delivered to your front door.

Today Prolific London will be taking a look at Wowzabox, this is a company that provides the services we listed above but with one unique twist. They specialise in succulent Chinese meals.

Who Are Wowzabox?

Wowzabox came to life in 2014. The two founders Josy Jin and Georgina Li had worked in the hospitality industry for five years and they realised that the hardest part of their job was to train chefs at their restaurant to the true art of authentic Chinese cooking. They did however manage to achieve this using their system. The pair have said that it was a lengthy process, but a process that they have now perfected and they now use these instructions to help teach their customers the same methods. So Wowzabox isn’t your standard meal kit service, as well as sending you the ingredients they teach their customers how to cook authentic Chinese food at the same standard as a high-quality restaurant.

Genuine Restaurant Quality

While many delivery boxes boast about being restaurant quality, they often fall short of true fine dining standards. However, Wowzabox uses selected methods that work to replicate restaurant quality and allow the food to reach that elusive higher benchmark. The products are meticulously selected from certain suppliers to deliver the genuine flavours you would experience while eating a Chinese meal. The ingredients are key to reaching restaurant quality so the focus on this can’t be overlooked.

Speed and Convenience

Their products not only deliver exceptional taste but also offer speed and convenience in the kitchen. Preparing Chinese cuisine at home is often challenging due to complex techniques such as lengthy marination processes, pre-frying, and the use of more unique ingredients and spices.

Wowzabox manages to address these challenges by completing a lot of the more time-consuming work for their customers, so when the ingredients arrive they can get straight in the kitchen and start cooking. What they have essentially done is simplify the cooking process, allowing customers to enjoy the authentic flavours of Chinese food without the hassle it can bring.

The Food

They have a wide selection of dishes on offer, and they also offer great deals on bundles with any order over £50 shipped for free to anywhere in the United Kingdom. The Noodle Lovers bundle is a standout selection and one of the most ordered by customers. Included in this bundle are great options such as Dan Dan Noodles (serves 2) Beef and Shiitake Noodles (serves 2) Seafood Oil Noodles (serves 1) Hot and Sour Rice Noodle Soup (serves 1) Red Oil Noodles (serves 2). That’s eight restaurant quality chinse meals for the price of £38. That isn’t a bad deal by any means.

They have a range of options and if you don’t like spicy food then there is still plenty to select from Wowzabox’s menu. Since 2022 the company has really found its feet in the market and business is currently booming.